Work Programme

LBUS will be in charge of maintaining communication among partners. After the consortium was set up, the representatives of all partner institutions have been invited by LBUS, to Sibiu, Romania to discuss about the development of the project idea, the way the project intends to be implemented and decide what kind of expertise and human resources is needed and which are the tasks of each partner.Beside preliminary meetings, communication was done through collective or bilateral emails, video-chat or by phone.
One one kick-off meeting should be organized. This transnational meeting will be organized in Sweden, hosted by Lunds University (October 2014). At this start-up meeting a Local Organizational Bureau (LOB) will be elected, in order to manages all tasks devoted to the partner. This LOB will be composed by administrative staff from each Partner Institution who will be in charge of maintaining communication for all the project’s duration. This will enable a smooth communication among partners, and decide tasks of all people involved in the project. The LOB will also maintain communication with the teachers and trainers in charge of the production of intellectual outputs, setting out the course schedule in order to organize an interactive interdisciplinary work package for the intensive program.
In the second year of the project, another transnational meeting will be organized. Its purpose will be to analyze the progress of the project and identify activities that need to be improved. This meeting, will be hosted by WVI, in Galway, Ireland (October 2015), and its purpose will be to serve as a platform to steer the measure and evaluate the progress of the proposed project. The closure meeting will be organized at LBUS, Romania (July 2017), in order to evaluate the outcomes of the project and take necessary steps for new outcomes after the project completion. These transnational meetings are also an important opportunity for local and regional scientists working in the focus topic of the SavingHearts consortium to get in touch with possible cooperation partners for further projects and proposals.