New approaches to the medical field

Polisano hospital brings new approaches to the medical field, both through high standards of technological equipments used, and through a great cooperation with prestigious Medical Centers and Universities from Austria, France, Canada. A very good collaboration exists also between Polisano and Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, the leading organization in this project. Polisano’s Center of Excellence in Radiology and Medical Imaging is one of the most modern and endowed with the highest technological standards centers in the central region of Romania. Radiology and Imaging Center’s mission is to meet the medical problems through the fastest and correct diagnosis, a noninvasive and non-irradiating one. This center covers all medical segments (the entire range of possible examination: heart and vascular, breast, prostate, abdominal, pelvic, brain, spine and chest), providing patients the latest medical equipment, some of them unique in Romanian medical field, such as MRI, all types of CT exams, Gamma Camera, ultrasound, Intensive Care Unit etc.